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Explainer Video Production for an Animated Explainer Video: http://net3Marketing.com. Get high quality, custom made, animated explainer video production for a fraction of the price. It includes your script writing, voice over, background music and sound effects. One stop, all in one, solution for the entire animated explainer video production process. But we don’t just make you a video and run away, we also market it for you and get it top ranked in YouTube for your main keyword. Go to https://net3marketing.com to not only get a quality, affordable explainer video but video marketing included as well!

If you want to promote your product, service, website or app, animated explainer videos are the best way to go. Studies show that explainer videos improve conversion rates by engaging your viewers in an entertaining way. The only problem is that explainer video production usually costs $3000 to as much as $25000 for just 60 seconds of video. Putting it out of the reach of small businesses and start-ups.

But not anymore. We produce agency quality animated explainer videos at a fraction of the cost of the big video production houses. If you are on a budget but you want to have a fancy animated video to promote your business, then you need to contact us right away.

We understand that anyone can make you a video. An alien from Mars can land on planet earth, go to YouTube dot com, watch a few videos, and within hours have an explainer video completed for you.

But what we specialize in, is creating the most impactful explainer videos, that will turn your visitors into customers and followers. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

We will create an animated video on your website for you that will grab the attention of every visitor as soon as they hit your homepage. We will create an explainer video for your site that will turn someone who normally would’ve “moved on” into a buying customer or follower. Isn’t that why we have websites?

We won’t only help you build a bigger and stronger business through optimizing your video marketing and creating an awesome animated explainer video. We also believe in educating everyone we work with because we know how hard it can be to understand all that is going on or to even have the time to try and figure it all out.

Check out our Blog and read our Articles to learn the facts that matter and deserve your attention. Learn a few essential and simple tricks for increasing conversions, tips on growing your social network footprint and other proven techniques to grow your customer and follower lists.

Let today be the day you say, “Finally, I found an animated explainer video production company that understands me!” Yep, we want to turn an old frustration into a celebration of growth.

Stay connected and follow us on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to receive notifications of our latest videos and blog posts.

Thanks for watching. Thanks for checking out the website. We hope you enjoyed the advice and keep coming back for more!

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Click here to find out more, http://net3Marketing.com and get quality animated Explainer Video Production with free voice over, free script, sound effects and background music.


Achraf Ben says:

Can i use the idea of this script please? with my graphics and my voice over..
i just like the story (script)

CINéSYN says:

We found the graphics in this one to be a bit too simple. Try being more creative and dynamic.

satyajh says:

whats the price now for a video like the one you made for applesocial ?

Dan Epstein says:

Thanks for just joining!

Snce you know what you're doing, please show everyone how make a video viral.

Net3Marketing says:

Great. Thanks for the suggestion. I just did!

Dan Epstein says:

If you're looking for more exposure, post this on my "Please Introduce Me to …" LinkedIn group.



gin tonic says:

could you contact us or what is the email,

Net3Marketing says:

Sorry I forgot to update the title and description. But for you or anyone who wanted the $150 I will do it for that price until August 7, 2013. Sound good?

sebastian whalley says:

Still… $150?

Net3Marketing says:

Check out my new explainer video. It will cost you only $150 for a video like this.

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