Online Advertising: Crash Course Media Literacy #7

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You’re being watched. That sounded more sinister than I intended, but online, it’s true. Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Netflix… the list goes on and on. They’re watching what you do, what you shop for, what you watch… all of it. And have you actually read the Terms of Service? In this episode of Crash Course Media Literacy, Jay talks about how Online Advertising works and why companies want to know everything you’re looking at.


Reading the Privacy Policies You Encounter in a Year Would Take 76 Work Days

Children’s commercial media literacy: new evidence relevant to UK policy decisions regarding the GDPR

Stanford researchers find students have trouble judging the credibility of information online

Let Consumers See What’s Happening

We Were a Nielsen Family — Here’s What It Was Like


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Madhurima Sanyal says:

amazing how you explain everything, thanks a bunch.

8020 Research says:

I really enjoyed watching this video 🙂

tom garden says:

Someone make a website with the terms of service of different companies but paraphrased into quick bullet points. Then also leave it open for discussion at bottom.

Fredrik Dunge says:

I got an add for online marketing on this vid on online advertisement.

J Lupus says:

Anyone still blaming Russia for the us election is an idiot.

Elijah Ford says:

This algerithom sure as hell doesn’t work on me, i’m 13 and i get adds for old men.

Ron Villejo says:

So online ads are like trolls and stalkers…

Gary McSpadden tech says:

Until the government decides to regulate it, it's either live with it or do without.

Iksbrown says:

Ah, I see that you too were followed by the demon hat.

Mollie Guan says:

Is there has text about this vedio?

therabbithat says:

I hate tracking cookies but I wouldn't mind telling my browser some of my interests that it could share with websites so I'd get relevant ads. is this the future?

ion ah says:

so nobody's going to point out Jay's weird obsession for Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio huh

Mr Prodigy says:

Martin Garix ft Khalid – Oceans has been haunting my up next these days. Sigh, remember See You Again by Charlie Puth and Wiz… Or Despacito, and how they LIVED in your up next lmao

Aria Invictus says:

The ugliness of Capitalism. Everything is a product. Including you.

Darren Watkins says:

Searching for techniques to generate income online. There's a shortcut to find all online working methods. Go to google and just type: "TheMakeMoneyOnlinePro".

Brent says:

Not enough Marshall McLuhan, the gawd damn father of media-ecology

Yoga Prasetyo says:

I think big data is a part of new digital era and whatever the reason, we cant close our eyes from this new era. We need to control ourselves online, than to log off from the internet forever

Carter McHugh says:

Fear mongering?

Lucio Fernandes says:

Do an internet courseee

Craig Mudzingwa says:

I've been using youtube mainly for school these.

I swear all my ads now say "You should take this online Udemy course, It's taught by expert…."

I miss my old ads…

Mushroom House says:

wait were'd john go

Minhaz Ansari says:

LOL! I have a Adblocker set in

Kitsumaru says:

My girlfriend has been watching YouTube videos about lawn care, suddenly she gets mail addressed to her from lawn care companies. You are tracked far more closely than you might think.

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