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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : Online Marketing – How to make money with a membership site or online course with #owenvideo and Carrie Rose. Follow Owen and get my best scripts, templates, and tools:


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Great page you have going would love to connect!

Joel Mackall says:

Hello Owen, thanks for the information. I was wondering what you think about 2 ideas: 1) i have a skill in doing genealogy and want to create a facebook live class (i will use your obs tutorial) my skill comes out in live interaction and live case studies of family tree obstacles. ..but as i got to designing it i thought, are there any privacy issues? where could i put a policy note or should i? And 2) I was thinking of expanding to charge for it in a 'group' can i still do that live/obs? The reason for FB is a) i have a group of 100+ (african-american genealogists) and b) google hangouts and skype seem to be less 'community' building like you mention above than doing it in FB to create longer relationships than just one class. Thank you for any direction on this. Thanks again.

Randy says:

Just discovered you! Your video's are awesome man!

Robyn Hatfield says:

Always great info! If you are starting with less than 100 subscribers on Youtube but have a better following on Twitter, Instagram, FB and LinkedIn, what is the first thing I should do? 🙂

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