Tony Robbins – Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results Screw The Guru

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Close I hope you can make the
hype last for than a few minutes. You really do not need a guru. Yes,
you are just a milimeter away from learning to make money on the
internet. Check out this internet marketing course by Vivek Narayan for
$5. It is better than all the $1997 guru courses I have seen. I get
nothing by recommding it. Check it out and let me know what you think in
the comments section.

Here is a list of internet marketing gurus that you will no longer need
after this course:

Jeff Alderson Nathan Anderson Tom Antion Jon Atwood Matt Bacak Keith
Baxter Bart Baggett Tom Beal Larry Benet Anthony Blake Justin Blake
Chris Bloor Alexander K. Brown Jimmy D Brown Russell Brunson Jeremy
Burns Rick Butts Brad Callen John Carlton Shawn Casey Jeanette S. Cates,


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