Video Niche Dominator 2 – Is Video Niche Dominator 2 a scam?

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This is what Duncan Carver one of the SEO specialist says about Video Distribution:

Over the past few years marketing your website online by creating and distributing videos has become increasingly popular.

In fact, and I do like keeping things old school, it’s really setting some niche websites apart in the amount of additional traffic it can generate above and beyond more traditional means. And it’s certainly worth exploring from that aspect alone in addition to it being yet another useful means of adding high quality backlinks to our website.

It’s interesting as when I first came online there was very little “visual content” to the internet itself.

Back then it was primarily about written content. Most people were on dial up internet connections and video production was the exclusive playground of professional studios or those who had access to specialized equipment and the knowledge to use it.

There were no popular and “centralized” exclusive video entertainment websites such as, or that command hundreds of millions of unique visitors every month.

Things have certainly changed.Nowadays almost everyone has a high speed internet connection and just about every digital device out there gives users the ability to capture video recordings. Not only that but those recordings can often be immediately uploaded to right after making them.

Distributing videos online as part of an overall online marketing strategy has become very hard to ignore. And purely from a search engine optimization perspective the benefits are many. We can generate excellent theme relevant incoming links on some very high profile authority websites such as and

These websites get hundreds of millions of visitors every single month which can in turn lead to a steady stream of new and interested visitors that might otherwise have never found your website.We can also work to achieve “additional organic exposure” in the major search engines that now present “video results” to users supplementing the normal organic search results.


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